Wellendorff has been family owned and operated for it’s entire existence. To this day, pieces are manufactured in Pforzheim, where the original manufactory was established more than 110 years ago. Wellendorff has been perfecting the craft of find German gold jewelry for more than a century.

Since each Wellendorff rope is still hand-created from 18K gold to this day, only about twenty unique masterpieces leave the premises each day to emphasize the inimitable character of the wearer of Wellendorff jewelry. It is incredibly rare for a company to release pieces that are as unique as the wearer in a day and age where mass production and manufacturing the rule rather than the exception.

Wellendorff necklaces are available in 18K yellow and white gold in a variety of thicknesses to fit your individual tastes. The beautiful collections of earrings are made with colored enamel insets give the wearer the option to personalize their selection. Let your own individuality shine through with the vast collections of Wellendorff at Royal Jewelers.