Wellendorff Anything is Possible 2018 Ring of the Year

Feeling inner strength and realizing one’s own potential over and over again. This limited-edition Ring of the Year 2018 is a way for Wellendorff to send a message to all women who strive for more: Anything is possible. The manufactory chose the lotus flower as the symbol of this inner strength. It grows out of murky waters, yet creates and protects its extraordinary beauty. It stands for renewal, a new beginning, and unlimited life force. The lotus blossom – stylized in yellow gold – shines forth from the Ring of the Year 2018 with its radiant, crystal-clear tones of aqua and turquoise. The powerful nuances vary vibrantly through an elaborate, hand-made colour-gradient that makes each ring a unique piece. The transparent Wellendorff-cold enamel draws the gaze across the wonderfully shiny background of the ring. Delicate contours shine from the depths, almost as if one were actually looking down at the shadows of the lotus blossom cast under the surface of the water. 

On the occasion of Wellendorff’s 125th anniversary, the Ring of the Year 2018 is the most valuable in the series: each individual blossom is beautifully highlighted by an arc of fine, brilliant white diamonds. They sparkle as vividly as fresh dewdrops on lotus leaves. 
To signify this significant year for the wearer, a golden 2018 is embedded in the blossom. The trademark of this renowned manufactory, the golden Diamond W, shines in the midst of the powerful, crystal-blue Wellendorff-cold enamel.

The Ring of the Year 2018 is composed of four individual rings made from 18-karat gold that are connected to each other, yet free to move. In this way, the wearer can rotate her piece of jewelry playfully on her finger, reminding herself over and over of her own strength and force. Inside the ring, the limited edition is numbered, and its encouraging German statement is contained forever in gold: Alles ist möglich (Anything is possible).

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