9 Engagement Rings Exclusive to Royal

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9 Engagement Rings Exclusive to Royal

Choose Royal for an Engagement Ring no one else will have!

1. This stunning solitaire

solitaire engagement ring

About this ring: This stunning platinum solitaire ring boasts a 4.71 CT center stone, and a total carat weight of 6.08 CTS. This is perfect for the confident girl who loves fashion and isn’t afraid to rock some bling every day!

Price: $99,995 $69,997

2. This vibrant marquis

marquis diamond ring

About this ring: This marvelous 18K white gold marquis diamond ring has a 1.56 CT center stone, and .95 CTS of diamonds making up the halo, in total it has 3.5 CTS. This ring is destined for a girl who is unique and not ashamed to be herself.

Price: $21,200 $16,960

3. This large emerald cut halo

emerald cut diamond

About this ring: This 18K white gold ring has the utmost class, with a center stone of 2.17 CT and a halo of 1.33 CT it comes in with a total weight of 3.5 CTS. This ring gives us a perfect mix of vintage vibes and modern class.

Price: $54,995 $43,732

4. This big 3-stone emerald cut

3 stone diamond ring

About this ring: This elegant 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring is set in platinum  with the center stone being 1.86 CT and each side stone being 1.39 CT for a total weight of 3.25 CTS. This ring will look fabulous on any girl’s finger!

Price: $59,995 $47,996

5. This drop dead gorgeous limor cut halo

emerald cut halo diamond ring

About this ring: This ring is so stunning we can’t get enough! The 18K white gold limor cut center stone is .91 CT and it totals to 1.51CTS. This is understated elegance at its finest.

Price: $9,197 $8,278

6. This double halo twist ring

double halo diamond ring

About this ring: This 14K white gold ring has a center stone of .45 CT and a halo of .52 CT totalling .97 CTS. This is perfect for any budget, and makes for a beautiful statement on her finger.

Price: $6,435 $5,148

7. This bright halo ring

halo diamond ring

About this ring: This beautiful twist on the popular halo engagement ring design, features a subtle, floral-shaped cluster of diamonds set around one dazzling center stone of .708 CTS set in 18K white gold with a total weight of 1.39 CTS.

Price: Starting at $4,500

8. This cushion halo ring

cushion halo diamond ring

About this ring: This classic platinum ring has a center stone of .50 CTS and the band has .66 CTS, totalling 1.16 CTS. Because the center stone is round and the halo is cushion shaped, this gives a different look than the classic halo ring everyone has come to see and love.

Price: $5,944 $5,167

9. This large halo

big diamond halo ring

About this ring: This remarkable 14K white gold halo ring has an incredible 1.50 CT center stone and 1.17 CTS of diamonds on the halo and the band. This gives you a total of 2.67 CTS. This ring makes a substantial statement, and we are in love!

Price: $14,995 $13,496

All of these are available ONLY Royal Jewelers in Andover, MA