7 Must Haves From Wellendorff

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7 Must Haves from Wellendorff

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1. The Wellendorff Keep Me Safe Amulet

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About this amulet: This “Keep Me Safe” amulet in 18-karat gold will captivate not only for its perfect execution, but for its amazing versatility. A solitaire diamond, which hangs gleaming in the center, is hung from a yellow gold clasp adorned with the classic Wellendorff Rope. Two ring elements form a halo around the solitaire: one of cold enamel, and one paved in diamonds of the highest quality that sparkles from every angle. The inner ring also protects a secret: an engraved guardian angel will protect the wearer wherever she may go.

2. The Wellendorff Genuine Coral Delight Ring

coral delight ring

About this ring: The Genuine Delight Coral ring is made of 18-karat yellow gold. It combines an engraved wave pattern highlighted with luminous orange and red Wellendorff enamel. At the center of the ring is the Diamond W, which the brand uses to sign its jewelry. Wellendorff enamel has a fascinating flow of coral-colored nuances that merge to highlight the sides of this delicate ring. The enamel edges frame a golden inner ring, decorated with the characteristic Wellendorff diamonds, that can be spun with ease.

3. The Wellendorff Magic Waves Earrings

magic waves earrings

About these earrings: The 18-karat white gold Magic Waves earrings are inspired by the clarity of the water that allows an enchanting play of colors to shine into the depths. Each side of these earrings has a different design: one half displays vibrant aqua tones, and the other an interplay of onyx-colored cold enamel with sparkling diamonds and cool white gold. The hoops are opened with ease by way of a carefully crafted hinge. Their slightly angled shape means they will sit perfectly on the ear.

4. The Wellendorff Genuine Delight Ocean Ring

genuine ocean delight ring

About this ring: The Genuine Delight Sapphire ring made of 18-karat yellow gold features an engraved wave pattern highlighted with sapphire-blue Wellendorff enamel. At the centre of the spinning ring is the Diamond W, which Wellendorff uses to sign its jewelry. The color nuances, ranging from sapphire to azure cold enamel, highlight the sides of this delicate ring. At its centre is a yellow gold inner ring decorated with the characteristic Wellendorff diamonds, which can be spun with ease.

5. The Wellendorff Reflection of the Sun Ring

reflections of the sun ring

About this ring: Relaxation, reflections, joie de vivre: These moods and feelings are expressed in the colors of the sun over the course of a day, as they are combined in the spinning, octagonal Reflections of the Sun ring in 18-karat yellow gold. Warm orange tones are reminiscent of an early-morning sunrise, while the sunset is recounted in red and pink hues.

6. The Wellendorff Reflections of the Sun Rondel

reflections of the sun rondel

About this rondel: The mood and feeling you get from a day by the sea are revealed in colors of the fascinating sunset, as brought together in the Magic Coral rondel made from 18-karat gold: warm orange and red hues on the gently rocking waves in gold and cold enamel. The colorful rondel, signed with the unmistakable Diamond W, can be worn on various Wellendorff necklaces.

7. The Wellendorff Romeo and Juliet Rings

romeo and juliet wellendorff

About these rings: To have found true love is a unique feeling. To bestow special significance on a lifelong bond and let Genuine Values speak for themselves, we have created an exceptional collection. These wedding rings catch the eye with their unique design and all share the typical features of a Wellendorff creation. Each ring is signed with the unmistakeable Diamond W and made of 18-karat yellow or white gold with an inner ring that turns amusingly with silky smoothness. A touch of exceptional charm for the man or woman wearing it: each rotation of the magic ring symbolizes a tender thought for their partner.

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