5 Gifts for a Rock n’ Roll Valentine’s

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5 Gifts for a Rock n’ Roll Valentines

This incredible collection, featuring CZ diamonds, chunky chains, and hearts, will not only dazzle you, but will be a perfect testament of your attention and adoration for the one you love. Check each piece out down below, you won’t be able to look away.

1. Small pave black CZ crown heart hoops

small pave black hoops

Available in both black and white CZ stones, these hoops dare to be different. They are studded from top to bottom, allowing every opportunity to sparkle and no opportunity for eyes to drift away. The gorgeous little hearts send that sweet message that she’s important.

Price: $190

2. A micro crown heart pendant necklace

Now, don’t let the name fool you. Though this heart pendent is indeed small, it doesn’t disappoint. Its classic all silver look will definitely please. It’s perfect for an everyday wear, while also having the versatility to be dressed up.

Price: $260

3. Crowned heart post earrings

pave post earring

For the girl who loves bling, these pave CZ studs are perfect. Not only do they draw the eye, but they are unforgettable. A crown over the heart conveys that her love surpasses everyone else’s.

Price: $170

4. Pave CZ crown heart bracelet

pave heart bracelet

CZ studded hearts and crowns dazzlingly flow around this bracelet. Their continuous presence symbolizes the infinite and unifying attributes of love. What better way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day than with this gift?

Price: $435

5. Large Pave CZ crown heart pendant

Last, but not least, is the CZ diamond heart pendant. This is no understated finale. The large heart attached to a filigree crown demands attention as the perfect statement piece necessary in every woman’s collection. With the shine and sparkle, there’s no way she could ever believe your love for her will dull.

Price: $545

All of these are available here at Royal Jewelers in Andover, MA

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