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Italy’s long tradition of artists contains some of the world’s greatest sculptors. Their names are legendary, such as Donatello, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Leonardo da Vinci. These are just the recent names. Some of the world’s greatest maison for modern jewelry are also Italian.

But almost no Italian artist has made sculptures for the human body in the form of jewelry. Franco Pianegonda fills that void. He has no pretension to being a genius like the predecessor named above but in his modest manner he is creation a revolution in jewelry.

In addition to gold and precious stones, he has turned silver into a noble material to be worn by women, men and children. His creations are like miniature works of art made to the proportions of the human body. He has many imitators since he began to create about 12 years ago, but nobody has yet reached his level of artistic talent.