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“Genuine Values”… the secret of success of the Wellendorff design manufacturing facility.

Manufactured solely in Pforzheim for more than 110 years; perfect gold craftsmanship “Made in Germany”.

Each Wellendorff ring is comprised of at least 4 separate rings that are firmly attached to each other, yet still retain their individual mobility.

Bands of color, bands of diamonds, and movement personify the Wellendorff Collection. The unique technology of the “spinning” bands give each ring their own personality.

The “wedding band” style offers you the option to wear the ring on the right or left hand, as a wedding ring, or even an anniversary ring.

You should “experience” the Wellendorff collection by trying one on your hand. You’ll enjoy the design, appearance, and feeling!

For more information on Wellendorff Jewelry please call David Roberts at 978-475-3330 or email David@RoyalJewelers.com, Thank You.